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Dual Purpose Canines


Partnering with Léhman K-9 in Mako Hungary, we import canines that are healthy, workable, stable, and social. Our canines are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, 2 year health guarantee and a lifetime workability guarantee. 



Our training program for our canines use both old school as well as new school methods into building our canines program. Using positive reinforcement mixed with negative punishment we train our canines to be ready for anything. We use both ScentLogix as well as real odors in order to imprint out canines with success. We teach our canines to work independently of handlers rather than showing the canine 24/7 what to search, taking the human factor out of the equation the best we can. 

We also combine RingSport obedience with our dual purpose canines. Canines are taught with food in order to establish a positive training foundation. For bitework, we our vendor favors selecting canines that have a full mouth bite without acting out of control. 

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