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Police Canines

Integrity, service, commitment  

Our police canines, whether imported from OCONUS locations or hand picked here in the United States, are always mentally stable, medically acceptable, and has the ability to handle the mission. Our canines are backed by a 2 year health guarantee and lifetime working guarantee.

Officer C. Cassell

Pickens PD

Jason and the whole Carolina Canine team are very experienced, patient, and knowledgeable. I was fortunate to receive a canine partner from this company and he is trained to the maximum expectations and all around great dog. I would highly recommend this company to any new handler looking to expand their field of knowledge or an agency looking to purchase their next proactive working dog!


Single Purpose

Our single purpose canines have been the backbone to any police department. Our canines are happy, healthy, mentally stable canines that can be put into any situation.

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Dual Purpose 

Our dual purpose canines are trained for a variety of situations that officers may find themselves in. Our canines are those that can go the distance without acting out of control. 

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Proven Results!

Jason is definitely an experienced instructor and handler who has an excellent personality and methodical way of teaching new and experienced handlers how to be successful in all they do. I would recommend anyone/any agency looking to purchase their next working dog from CCAK9.

Miguel Joseph

Walhalla PD

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